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In the desert, Sonic the Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog are both dressed as explorers travels to the mysterious pyramid where it contains the mysterious treasure buried in the pyramid. Upon entering the pyramid, Sonic the Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog looked at the hieroglyphs. Silver started deciphering the hieroglyphs

The hieroglyphs shows the story of the Egyptian hedgehog queen ruling her kingdom with love and care. She is friends with an Egyptian cat queen who rules her own kingdom with passion and friendship. But on that dark night, the Egyptian hedgehog queen has falls into a deep permanent sleep along with her friend. They are both mummified and sealed in their own sarcophaguses. They are completely buried in the pyramid for eternity. According to the prophecy, the two handsome hedgehogs will discover the tomb and awaken the beautiful queens and make them their pharaohs to rule with them.

After Silver is finished with the hieroglyphs, Sonic and Silver discovers the secret passage way to the hidden tomb. Sonic said, "Lets go Silver." Silver agreed. So, Sonic and Silver went through the secret passage way and finally made it to the tomb.

The tomb is filled with treasures, jewels, artifacts, royal thrones and two sarcophaguses in each side. The first sarcophagus represents the hedgehog, while the other sarcophagus represents the cat. Sonic and Silver looked at this tomb and finds it amazing. Sonic looked at these sarcaphaguses. Sonic turns his head at Silver and says, "I will open that sarcophagus, while you open the other one." Silver responded, "Okay." So, Sonic heads to the hedgehog queen's sarcophagus, while Silver heads to the cat queen's sarcophagus. Sonic opens the sarcophagus and revealed to be the mummy queen that looks like a hedgehog. Silver opens the other sarcophagus and revealed to be the mummy queen that looks like a cat.

The two mummy queens woke up and started heading towards Sonic and Silver. Sonic said, "Oh, no you don't" Silver said, "I won't let you get me." So, Sonic and Silver grabbed the bandages and yanked it. The two mummies started spinning and becoming unwrapped. After they are unwrapped, Sonic and Silver are surprised. The mummy hedgehog queen is revealed to be Amy Rose dressed like Cleopatra while the mummy cat queen is revealed to be Blaze the Cat dressed like Nefertiti.

Sonic and Silver both looked confused and saw these beautiful girls are living. Amy Rose said, "I have found my Pharaoh." Blaze said, "I found my handsome Pharaoh." So, Amy hugs Sonic and Blaze hugs Silver. After they hugged, Sonic's clothing along with Silver's clothing transforms into Pharaoh clothing. Sonic and Silver are amazed that they are now Pharaohs. Sonic hugs Amy Rose and started kissing her. Silver hugs Blaze and started kissing her also.

A few years later, Pharaoh Sonic the Hedgehog is now married to Queen Amy Rose and had a child. Also, Pharaoh Silver the Hedgehog is now married to Queen Blaze the Cat and also had a child. Now, Sonic and Silver are happy with their new lives as rulers of the great Egyptian kingdom.
Sonic and Silver: From Explorers to Pharaohs
A story idea for :icondoctoe:

It is a Sonic and Amy Egyptian romance story. Also I added Silver and Blaze to make the story much more interesting.

Sonic, Silver, Amy Rose and Blaze belongs to Sega.
Platinum Khopesh by Tyler5544
Platinum Khopesh
The Platinum Khopesh is the magical weapon from the video game Platinum Khopesh. It is created by the Elkyptian gods Osiris, Ra, Anubis and Horus to seal Set and the Elkyptian demons away for all eternity. After time went by the evil descendant of the demon known as Chaos Ramsese took the Platinum Khopesh and imprisons the Pharaoh, the Elkyptian Prince and Elkyptian Princess and ruled all of Elkypt. However the six warriors who challenged Chaos Ramsese and his minions to free Elkypt from evil.
Sour Poppling Bomb by Tyler5544
Sour Poppling Bomb
A sour jawbreakers bursting with sweet, sour and yummy flavors. It comes with blue raspberry and strawberry flavors. This candy is created by the Poppington Candy Company.
Cleocatra Meowenkhamen by Tyler5544
Cleocatra Meowenkhamen
Name: Cleocatra Meowenkhamen

Age: 18

Species: Cat

Kind: Anthro

Occupation: Warrior and member of the Elkyptian Protectors

Allignment: Good

Likes: Combat, peace, playing Senet with her friends, Elkyptian cuisines, reading the Mummy Fox Knight comics, being cool

Dislikes: Failing, being defeated in battle, Hondo, Wolftem Set, evil controlling Elkypt, Cobra

Personality: Cool, head strong, brave and clever

Skills: Punching, lifting heavy objects, defender, fast speed and great hearing

Weapon: Emerald Gauntlets

Fighting Style: Martial Arts, boxing and self defense

Appearance: purple fur, raven black hair, red Elkyptian woman outfit, Emerald gauntlets, sapphire ring on her tail, black eyes and gold Elkyptian combat boots

Relationships: Elkyptians (service and residents), Cleopatrox Ramsen, Anubis Jackalaoh (best friends), Foxamsese Ramsen, Dakarai Jackalaoh, Jeopatra Jackalaoh, Mukantagara Tadinasphinx, Kamuzu Panthotep (residents), Jackal Knight, Desert Cat (most-trusted allies), Elkypt Souls (friends), Taine Cleocat, Veli Cleocat, Rami Tutani, Akhom Leokhufu, Mesi Takhamen, Kenki, Ashley, Sora, Kairi, Riku, Felicia, assorted Elkyptians (friends), the Order of Chernabog (enemies)

History: Cleocatra Meowenkhamen is raised and trained to become the royal body guard of the royal Jackalaoh family. Her father Meowtep Meowenkhamen is the elite bodyguard of Pharaoh Dakarai Jackalaoh. When Cleocatra begins training she has the will to become the greatest warrior and bodygaurd to the pharaoh. When she reached 18 she became a full fledged Elkyptian warrior and she is given the Emerald gauntlets to defend Elkypt. She became best friends with the warrior prince Anubis Jackalaoh and his beloved girlfriend Cleopatrox Ramsen. She became a member of the Elkyptian Protectors and vows to protect Anubis Jackalaoh and Elkypt from evil. (More history coming soon)


United States
I have decided to create fan stories of the Samurai Pizza Cats. I am a huge fan of the Samurai Pizza Cats and it is time for me to create a new story which takes place from the Great Comet Caper. So here are the stories I can make.

Story 1: New Warriors

Summary: A female ninja wolf by the name of Aura comes to Little Tokyo to see the two warriors who saved Little Tokyo from the Comet named Speedy Cerviche and Good Bird. Now, Aura must learn how to be a great warrior just like her father Sanzo, so she could become a member of the Samurai Pizza Cats. But, however the evil being known as the Dark Dragon has awaken from his slumber to get his revenge and take over Little Tokyo. Can the Samurai Pizza Cats and their new member Aura defeat him in time?

Story 2: The Revenge of the Tiger Pharaoh

Summary: In Ancient Egypt, the Tiger Pharaoh named Tigerhotep, lived in his own kingdom known as Tigeropolis. After the fall of Tigeropolis the people of Ancient Egypt mummified him alive and sealed in his tomb for all eternity. But, the Tigerhotep's sister Princess Shahin was given immortality and puts the magical amulet to revive the Tigerhotep. In present times, the archealogists who discovered the lost city of Tigeropolis had vanished and Al Dente contacted the Samurai Pizza Cats (except Good Bird, who went on a date with Carla) to search for them. But, they are captured by the mummified Tigerhotep and his mummified subjects. While, Speedy Cerviche, Guido Anchovy and Aura are Tigerhotep's servants. Tigerhotep and Princess Shahin are making Polly Esther as Tigerhotep's Queen, so she could be mummified to become Tigerhtoep's bride. Can the Samurai Pizza Cats escape their mummification and rescue Polly Esther before they are sent to the afterlife as the Tiger Pharaoh's mindless slaves?

Story 3: Aura's First Love

Summary: While the Samurai Pizza Cats have their dates. Aura is feeling lonely and tries to find a date. As Aura found a gorgeous coyote named James Lawrence. Aura decides to date him and soon become James Lawrence's girlfriend. But, Seymour "Big" Cheese and Jerry Attric returned to Little Tokyo with an alliance of the Dark Dragon. Can Aura keep a secret of being a member Samurai Pizza Cat from James or will James discover that Aura is a member of the Samurai Pizza Cat?

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